Tips for Killer Team

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Tips for Killer Team

Post by SonOfKorhal »

Here some tips for people who don't really know what to do when they get Killer Team.

The first step is to get health upgrades. Early game, both Marauder and Medic have only 150 health, making them easy to kill for titan even with Medic healing. Get the first upgrade, which will make them have 300 health each one, and get 750 wood to research the second one which will make them have 450 each one.

The Killer Team is not usefull only to support bases. Early game, use it to prevent titan to kill other builders. Also, get some gold for more health upgrades. Convine Medic's needle with Marauder's concusive sheels to slow titan and his minis. Fear not! If you got enought life upgrades you can tank titan and save one ot two players

Try to get the most gold possible. If you get 35 you will be enable to build an Academy, which unlocks an important upgrade for Killer Team's economy that is reseached in any Orbital Command.

Help other player's economy making biodomes near their workers. Make sure you have upgraded Warp Field Equipment Transmision so it doesn't drains your gold

When somebody makes a base, ask them to a place to make Planetary Fortress. You can upgrade it's attack in the biodome if you have the Academy and enought gold

Use both Marauder and Medic abilities to defend the base. Choose marauder's weapon accord at what titan are you fighting up. Wunderwafle is good against all of them. Medic's abilities like needle and irradiate can help too, and if the base has no detection Ubercharge can be really usefull

The Wunderwafle spam is a Killer Team technique that const of using gold stockpiles in case of wood ones with the Wunderwafle equiped, which ables you to use it again really quick and spam 1000 damage to titan and/or minioms each shot

Hope you enjoy this and say if I missed something
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Re: Tips for Killer Team

Post by Tehr »

My normal tech route is this:

Health (300)
Health (450)
Pulverizer Shells
Health (600)
Health (750)
Health (900)
Reduce Cost of Biodome/Factory
Put a Biodome in all of the baser's wood bases
PF Damage Upgrade
Ubercharge (DT says haaaaay)
Once a base appears (should be one by now), kill unnecessary Biodomes.
Place 1/2 PFs in base, place Biodomes in base (unless primary baser's wood base survived)

Also, abuse the fuck out of your medkits along the way. Healing drains your energy, so I normally leave that disabled unless I'm concerned about nearby pubs.
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Re: Tips for Killer Team

Post by quantifier »

My normal route:

Get 300 gold, KT base with wunderwaffe spam.
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Re: Tips for Killer Team

Post by Vallvaka »

But seriously, always be using your Pulverizer Shells. It can help get bases up faster, help out a wood starved builder, and it gives you wood in the process. If you don't have a use for it at the moment, collect them yourself. Just remember to use them on a tree in the open.
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Re: Tips for Killer Team

Post by WeareLegion »

Zealot gets the wood easily... Just send a holo. The CD's work perfectly, almost by design. Almost...
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Re: Tips for Killer Team

Post by SonOfKorhal »

Good tips. Thanks for helping to make this guide that some people were requesting :D

Good luck, KT players