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WoW: Legion

Postby Scythe » Fri Oct 21, 2016 12:50 am

First: WTF where did the original WoW topic go? I looked like back to posts that are like from 2013 and I couldn't find it. Eh anyways.

Now I played the addon from day 1. I was the rare and misunderstood disc priest, but luckily with a guild wanting one backing me up. Disc turned out to be awesome, which is nice. However, the addon turned out to be really really much worse than I hoped.

At first it was pretty amazing. Some smaller negative things I could ignore popped up, but generally I liked it. Daily stuff was kind of fun for a change.

Sadly that didn't last long. After a month I've felt like I've seen everything again. Our guild killed HC Xavius in the first week, which didn't help - at least it was fun.

Generally there is two things I can't bear with this addon.
1. The Nightfallen Rep grind. It isn't a problem if you do it once, but the problem is doing it for every character. Generally getting just friendly with everyone is annoying AF with twinks. My druid still doesn't have it.

2. Most important: The sheer amount of time required for daily activities. If you don't want to fall behind you have to spend hours every day. That's classic level of grinding. If it was really fun I wouldn't mind, I play LoL hours every day, but it's the same world quests, the same dungeons, the same abilities, priority lists etc. and it just gets so dull so quickly. I feel like the whole concept of the game is slowly falling apart.

I'm not sure if it's WoW's more and more streamlined design that removed all nuisances from it which makes it so dull, or just me personally requiring better games due to my ever increasing time spent with the medium.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this with people who aren't idiots. You cannot go into ANY gaming forum these days. Everyone is only out to insult or troll each other. And I feel like the WoW forums are even the worst (yes worse than LoL forums).
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