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Idle/Incremental Game Recommendations/Discussion

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Idle/Incremental Game Recommendations/Discussion

Postby quantifier » Sun May 28, 2017 10:39 pm

Let's discuss some Incremental Games. I've been playing quite a few of these to fill the time. They are often very simple and repetitive, but also very addicting.

If you don't like to waste a lot of time, stay away.

In this game, you control a society of dumb creatures, and battle other dumb creatures. I highly recommend this game. I've been playing for a year+ now.

Complexity: Relatively complex for an idle game. There is resource management, and combat. The game starts of really simple, but as you ascend more and more, it gets more complicated.

Content: Definitely a few month of content to go through. It is further updated roughly once a month. Developer pretty friendly.

Free-to-Play?: You can pay for a premium currency. You can also play to get these currencies. These currencies are good if you want to get a head-start, but become less useful later on. Ultimately, if you just play more, you'll catch up to someone that has spent money. The highest non-botting/hacking players are mostly free to play players. Overall, it's pretty fair.

: There are quite a bit to manage early on in the game. However, the game is slow early on. As you progress, you'll find in game ways to automate almost everything. So the game becomes very non-tedious/repetitive to play.

Community: There is a pretty good community, both in chat, and on reddit, and on its wiki. If you really like sisters/ponies, room 2 is for you.

Resource Drain: It's a pretty hard system drain. Takes quite a bit of CPU/memory.

Summary: Highly recommended.
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