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Dragon Ball Super Summary (Work in Progress)

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Dragon Ball Super Summary (Work in Progress)

Postby quantifier » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:17 am

These are jokes. These may but probably do not contain much spoilers. These might be inaccurate; I didn't really completely watch the show. Don't be offended or get political.

ACT 1: Battle of Gods Arc

Spoiler: show
Beerus: I AM YOUR GOD!
Goku: You are a cat.
Beerus: I wanna fight strong guys.
Goku: I wanna fight strong guys.

Goku Exits Stage Left.

Vegeta: I don't wanna fight strong guys!
Beerus: I want pudding!
Buu: I want pudding!
Beerus: Imma blow up the Earth!
Z fighters: It's 11 to 1!
Yamcha: 10 to 1!

Z fighters exeunt.

Whis: Hold on, I'm getting Sushi.

Goku enters Stage Left.

Goku: Everyone lay their hands on me and I'll become a god!
Vegeta: But we only have 5 people!
Videl: I'm pregnant!

Goku dyes his hair red.

Vegeta: Shouldn't this be a different model?
Goku: Nah, just make it red.
Vegeta: Should have been golden. Super saiyans are made of gold!

Goku and Beerus fight.

Yamcha: Goku, your punches will destroy the universe.
Beerus: Lol u try hard, gotta win against me right? Can't handle Earth being blown up?
Goku: Yeah, we got good food.
Beerus: Huh good point. I won't blow up the Earth.
Goku: Whew.
Beerus: BTW, only using 70% of my power, scrub.
Goku: Uhh, question. Do you know how much 70% is?
Beerus: Yeah, it means when you get 100 times stronger, you'll be at 80% of my power.
Goku: I don't think that is how percentages work.
Beerus: I AM YOUR GOD!
Bulma: Wait, here is your sushi. Now, don't eat this green stuff in one go.


Beerus and Whis enters stage right.

Beerus: Imma eat this green stuff in one go.

Beerus exits stage left.

Beerus: Imma blow up the Earth.
Whis: That seems unreasonable.
Beerus: I'm just defending myself.
Whis: Here, try some sushi!
Beerus: I'm not gonna blow up the Earth anymore.

Exeunt. Curtains. End of Act 1.

ACT 2: Resurrection of F(reezer)

Coming Soon TM.
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