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Forum Rules

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Don't start or contribute to:

1.) Off-topic behavior.
If it isn't directly relevant to the topic, you shouldn't be posting it. Use your best judgement.

2.) Complaining about others' off topic behavior by posting about it.
Doing so makes you just as guilty as the OT poster. Also you sound like a whiny prick. There's a report button; Use it.

3.) Direct attacks on character.
Poking fun is fine, harassment isn't. Inciting any flame wars will get you a warning, and possibly a ban.

4.) Topics related to religion, politics, etc.
They generally end in the above bullet, and we don't want to deal with them. Anything highly controversial not dealing with ID should not be spoken of.

5.) Anything illicit, NSFW, or anything containing potentially harmful content (18+).
If it mildly falls into one of these categories, it should be be spoilered with a warning attached to it.

6.)derailing and or trolling.

7.) AMAs. At all.
Don't anger the hosengott. Administrator dukka will delete your account if you make one.

8.)posting incomplete ideas. There is a save draft button. It's OP.
No one will look at an incomplete idea. Post it before it's ready and you may as well not post it at all.

9.) Complain about progress being made on the map, or the length of time you have to wait for an update. The devs are not getting paid to do this.
You may not get banned, but it is one surefire way to get a personal vendetta from the dev team.

10.) Don't act like a dick.
If you do prepare to get shafted.

~Written by Nightblade.
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