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Tree Shops

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Tree Shops

Postby DraGonSlayeR » Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:44 am

So I know there at least 3 maybe 4 tree shops I was wondering if they could be moved and/or added so that there be one in each corner b/c unless there a 4th btm right then there are none down there u gotta use teleporter to access the one top right; same with top left there isn't any up there
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Re: Tree Shops

Postby fdas » Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:32 pm

What do tree shops sell?
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Re: Tree Shops

Postby quantifier » Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:52 am

He is talking about those secret shops that look like trees. They were originally introduced as easter eggs. They should sell the same thing as Armenias, but I haven't seen them in a long time.
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