What's New with Everyone?

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What's New with Everyone?

Post by Rapunzel_TM »

How many years has it been? 7?

Where's everyone in life now? I feel like there's been this entire chapter in my life that's closed. ID's ended, and that's not bad! Memories.

I'm a practising medical doctor in Scotland now, studying to be a radiologist!

How's everyone else?
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Re: What's New with Everyone?

Post by fdas »

I am in university.
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Re: What's New with Everyone?

Post by PTB »

Working full time, trying to move!
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Re: What's New with Everyone?

Post by Bontazor »

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Re: What's New with Everyone?

Post by JosefK »

Married, we had our first baby about 6 months ago. I'm a roofing contractor, which is what my dad and brother also do.

I feel ya about the ID memories, a lot of time put into that game and a lot of cool people met. Speaking personally, much happier that it's in my past. Games are addictive, and I'm much healthier without them in my life.

Grats on finishing med school. I used to work as an ultrasound tech and worked with a lot of radiologists. I understand the money is really good. Seemed like they spent a LOT of time sitting in dark rooms working by themselves in front of computers which could get old. I also got the sense that their hands were pretty tightly tied when diagnosing based on imagery... A lot of "may be"'s and "is suggestive of"'s. I imagine that would get frustrating, when you know what something is, but the possibility of misdiagnosing and a potential lawsuit is way too real. Maybe it's different outside of the US. Doing procedures does seem like it would be interesting, though.

Do you have any idea of musculoskeletal ultrasound imagery is widely used where you live? MRI is, and probably will always be, the gold standard for MSK here, but I've heard that it's more widely used outside of the US as a lower cost alternative
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Re: What's New with Everyone?

Post by Nightblade »

I'm alive. Overall things are pretty good. In a long term relationship, she's finishing up her masters' I'm chilling as a somewhat competent spring developer.

Been working from home for the past month due to Corona. We haven't seen much impact, and at least my state is seemingly competent. The worst aspect for me is not being able to go to the gym and also no game-night. Which probably means I'm old and boring.

I don't play games as much as I used to. Just don't have the time. Or rather there are things I'd rather be doing. I suppose that's life.
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Re: What's New with Everyone?

Post by EvenFarther »

Well ID isn't exactly over, we got 2 devs that took over and are developing newer things/fixes. I'm trying to remake SC2 ID in Unity so we can edit things better, as well as get game making experience with everything there is to make a game.
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Re: What's New with Everyone?

Post by billydabob »

If you ever want to re-open the ID chapter of your life, the game is still alive and well.

Came back from a combat deployment, finished military time, moved, doing the school thing, working on ID3: https://discord.gg/DcY8dxM should be mostly finished in a couple months, but I host testing lobbies weekly.
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