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Helion Ability: Smoke Mine Redux and Simplified

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Helion Ability: Smoke Mine Redux and Simplified

Postby quantifier » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:39 am

This is the smoke mine, but simplified so only has one line of upgrade. It has also been slightly changed, and will be different for the helion and hellbat form (as in Tank's suggestion)


Spoiler: show
The titan hunter takes 0.4 seconds to lay a mine. The mine is invulnerable and invisible once laid. The mine has no sight radius.

The titan hunter can detonate all mines within radius 16 of himself. The mine takes 0.75 seconds to arm itself, then activates. The mine is vulnerable while arming and when being laid.

Upon activation, the mine creates a smoke cloud centered around itself.

The mine

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The mine uses a charge system. Only 2 mines can be on the field at the same time. Transforming to Hellbat form destroys all mines. Having a cannon nearby will destroy a mine. Mines may or may not timeout.

Max charge: 2
Time to recharge: 45s

Hp: 50
Armor: 50.

In short, the mine will die from any nuke, but may survive attacks as it has 300% damage reduction (aka takes 75% less dmage) from attacks.

Smoke Cloud

Spoiler: show
Radius: 9/11/13
Duration: 12/16/20 seconds

Enemies in the smoke cloud suffers the following penalties:

-1/1.25/1.5 movement speed
-20/25/30% attack speed
-20/25/30% damage
-5/7/10 armor
sight radius reduced to 1
takes 30/45/60% more damage from hellion that made the smoke cloud.

Scan/detection does not penetrate smoke cloud. If not possible, all allies in smoke cloud that has cloak gain true cloak.

HELLBAT FORM:Smoke Deployer (WIP name)

The hellbat loses the smoke mine ability. Instead, it charges up for 3 seconds and create a smoke cloud centered around itself. The smoke cloud is perpetual, but the Hellbat cannot move while channeling. The hellbat has to channel for at least 3 seconds. The hellbat can still attack and use other abilities (or maybe it can't use other abilities).

This may or may not cost energy over time. The range of this ability is 9/11/13.

Final thoughts

Abilities might be over tuned. Need testing.
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