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Re: Let's talk about a standalone ID

Postby fdas » Sat May 09, 2020 2:18 pm

EvenFarther wrote:I am also trying to make a standalone ID game, also in Unity and C#. When I started around November 2019 I knew basically nothing about game design, except for creating music, that I'm doing great in and know a lot of things about. But I started to learn each of the different aspects of what I needed. I started with coding, a member of ID gave me a fundamentals book on C# and I read about 20% of it so far(gonna continue reading it soon). Looked up tutorials after tutorials and this is what I got so far, still trying to get selecting working properly, gives me headaches
Some things I can probably take out like unit types (light, biological) as they don't really do anything here in ID. I like the idea of "ironman mode"-ing a game, as in creating everything myself, art, assets, music, etc... But I will accept help if anyone wants to
Overall I want to make this to get experience in game-making as well as to give the community more ways to customize or edit the game than the sc2 editor will allow. This isn't simply going to be a port, but rather like a re-imagine or something, oh maybe like a "take this idea and shoot it with creative and new stuff" kind of way, to blow it up with awesome ideas, anyways thx for this run-on sentence.

Good luck!
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